Madison Global Limited 麥迪森環球有限公司

About Us

Madison Global Limited with an idea and a commitment, Madison Global Limited was established in 2017. The idea was to improve the human living condition and improve the environment with worldwide manufacturer sourcing to achieve the high efficiency, good environment and low cost solution. Madison Global Limited providing the environmental improvement application products, energy saving, control products, ventilation application products and fire smoke extraction products in Hong Kong, Macau and PRC. Madison Global Limited supplying high quality and advanced products to improve the indoor air quality (IAQ), energy saving as our mission and provide total and perfect sale solution to the customers. Today; the Professional Service, Speed and Total Solution are the customer needs, Madison Global Limited is committed to achieve the above.

Madison Engineering Limited is an Engineering services company,we provide the professional design and installation for the Electrical and Mechnical Engineering including Air-conditioning system, Ventilation system, Fire services facilities and Electrical control system Our technical staff have solid experience for the Hotal renovation, Residertial projects , Shopping Mall project over 10 years in Hong Kong and Macau


麥迪森環球有限公司自2017年成立以來, 本著一個環保承諾, 直接引進 世界各地領先科技生產商的高科技產品, 透過高科技產品令人類的生活環境 及質素提升,而達至高效能,高環保及低成本之效益. 麥迪森環球有限公司供應產品到香港,澳門及中國地區, 如科技環保產品, 節能, 微電腦控制產品, 通風, 抽煙及消防風機等. 麥迪森環球有限公司供應之主要產品是承諾改善室內空氣質素(IAQ)及 節能為目標並且為顧客提供整體及完善銷售服務. 專業服務., 速度及整體方案是現今顧客之需要及要求, 麥迪森環球有限公司正是從這方面出發.


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